Senate Democrats, DeVos, & Due Process

Eighteen of the 48 Senate Democrats tweeted about Betsy DeVos’ Thursday Title IX speech. Each criticized the speech. None of the Democratic senators mentioned fairness, due process, or the presumption of innocence. The only mention of “justice” in a Democratic senator’s tweet came from Tim Kaine, who suggested that DeVos’ ideas—designed to enhance due process in campus tribunals—would frustrate the pursuit of “justice.”

The descriptions of the descriptions of the DeVos speech–which was organized around themes of balance and fairness, and repeatedly said Title IX should apply to sexual assault allegations–included “appalling,” “disgraceful,” “an insult,” “betrays students,” “outrageous,” “shameful,” and “dangerous.”

The tweets are below:

3 thoughts on “Senate Democrats, DeVos, & Due Process

  1. The responses from these politicians weary one’s ears. Any system that has the power to impose (in the words of an anonymous college president) “career capital punishment” deserves honest scrutiny, not vacuous and sometimes misleading statements.

  2. It is worth noting that Senator Bennet uses the word “safe,” which comes up in discussions of free speech on college campuses if I am not mistaken. If I were a male college students, I would not feel safe under the current system, so today’s concerns with safety apparently have limits.

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