House Democrats, DeVos, & Due Process

Forty House Democrats tweeted about Betsy DeVos Title IX speech. One (Keith Ellison, of all people) offered  a link to a DeVos interview; the other 39 criticized the speech. Not a single House Democrat who tweeted on the speech mentioned due process, the need for fairness, or even respecting the right of an accused student to be presumed innocent.

Among the descriptions of the DeVos speech–which was organized around themes of balance and fairness, and repeatedly said Title IX should apply to sexual assault allegations–“devastating,” “terrible,” “despicable,” “insulting,” and “perverse.”

Here are the tweets:

2 thoughts on “House Democrats, DeVos, & Due Process

  1. One deplores that these responses evince so little concern for due process, but due process is an abstract concept that is not easy to make concrete. David French was far more eloquent that I could be: “One doesn’t minimize sexual assault or sexual harassment by preserving due process. It is not a matter of either protecting the rights of the accuser or respecting the rights of the accused. Instead, due process is a basic human right. Failing to respect that right inflicts its own unique form of trauma on students, and sometimes that trauma can carry with it horrifying consequences.” The only thing that I can add is that there are enough cases in which the results were absurd to show that the system is not functional. That these politicians sidestepped an honest discussion about the failures of the present system is quite regrettable.

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  2. Pelosi’s word choice of “robust” could be commandeered. Why can’t we have “robust” protection of due process?

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